Natural Sesame Seeds

We are a major Exporter of Natural Sesame Seeds from Ahmedabad, Gujarat (India). We offer premium quality Natural Sesame Seeds that are full of nutrients like Proteins and Carbohydrates. These Natural Sesame Seeds are widely used for seasoning on confectionary and bakery products. Along with the nutritional properties, the Natural Sesame Seeds are also known for their high medicinal value. We supply Natural Sesame Seeds in different forms and varieties such as Natural, Hulled and Roasted.


  • Natural Sesame Seeds
    There are wide varieties of sesame seeds grown in India and are exported to the different parts of the world. The varieties of Sesame seeds grown are as under :
    • White Sesame Seeds : This is the major variety of Sesame Seeds grown in different parts of India like Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Assam , Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra . It is one of the major traded Oilseeds for making of Tahini
    • Black Sesame Seeds : Grown in the state of Gujarat
    • Brown Sesame Seeds : Grown in the state of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. It is majorly exported as Crushing sesame seeds for the higher percentage of Sesame oil and low cost
    • Golden Yellow Sesame Seeds : Grown in some parts of Gujarat and is also exported to various destinations
  • Free Fatty Acid or Hulled Sesame Seeds
    The Natural Sesame seeds is processed and the skinless bright white sesame seeds is Hulled Sesame seeds. It has been classified on the type of drying process after hulling i.e. Sundried and Mechanically Dried. The material is also available after making it Sortex which increases the purity and the uniformity of the colour of seeds.
  • Roasted Sesame Seeds
    These Sesame Seeds are also exported after Roasting to provide it a crispy taste. Also Oil is extracted from the Roasted Sesame Seeds and is exported for its taste.

Oil Content : Min 48 %